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Lesvos, the third largest island of Greece after Crete and Evia, belongs to the islands of the North-Eastern Aegean Sea. It has a long history that goes back more than 3.000 years. It is the birthplace of Sappho the ancient Greek poetess, of Alceus the poet, of Arion and Terpander poets and kitharodes, of Theophrastus the philosopher, and Pittacus one of the Seven Wise Men of ancient Greece. But also the homeland of Theophilos the major folk painter of Neo-Hellenic art, Stratis Mirivilis the important Greek novelist and Odysseas Elytis one of our two Nobel laureate poets. The innumerable historic monuments along with the priceless archaeological findings, witness the prominence and significance of the island throughout the centuries. A number of beautiful buildings - masterpieces of architecture, neoclassical mansions, Byzantine castles, towers and old monasteries have survived into the present. Lesvos is also an outstanding natural paradise endowed with endless marvellous beaches, crystal clear waters, dreamy sunsets, thermal springs and warm baths, endless olive groves and pine forests, unique fauna and flora, vivid colours and romantic shades, picturesque villages and last but not least the Petrified Forest of Lesvos - a unique monument of the nature. With its warm Greek hospitality, its unique natural beauty, its history, its tempting local cuisine and the famous ouzo of Plomari, totally unspoilt by tourism, Lesvos is the perfect destination for your vacation.

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TEL: +30 22520 31880,  ATHENS TEL: +30 210 8019339,  
FAX: +30 210 6236830  

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